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Catalog Number 3144.5
Object Name Glove
Description This corn husking glove was used to pull the shucks from the ear of corn, and was worn by Betty Cobb's father who lived near Warsaw, MO. The corn husking glove fits over the front of the right hand (if you were right handed). The thumb on the right hand came through the hole on the upper right corner of the husking glove, and the hook on the glove fitted perfectly in the upper palm of the hand. The glove was fastened with two straps around the back of the hand, and the wrist. Husking of the corn could be done very fast as the shucks were pulled back, from the ear of corn with the hook on the glove, and were snapped off at the top of the ear of corn. The ear of shucked corn was tossed up into the wagon pulled by a team of horses. The wagon had a "side board" about 4 ft. higher than the side of the wagon closest to the corn huskers, to assure an ear of corn thrown a little higher that planned, hit the side board and fell back down into the wagon bed. The horses moved the wagon forward as one of the corn huskers gave a command to move forward a short way and then the team of horses stopped and waited again. The horses knew what to do for the command given without anyone driving them. The smaller corn husker strap was worn across the hand at the base of the fingers.
Photo #3152